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SRI Conference 2019-Steve Schueth presents:


“Carrefour” and “Nature Now” Best Advertising Campaigns For 2019

Communication addressing human-made challenges with human-creative solutions honored by sustainable investors at the 30th annual SRI Conference, (2019).

Carrefour retailer in France and “Nature Now” from Britain’s Gripping Films are winners of the EthicMark® Awards for advertising and communications that “uplift the human spirit and society.”

Founded in 2004 by sustainability pioneer and renowned futurist Hazel Henderson, chair of the EthicMark® Awards  demonstrate the power of advertising and marketing campaigns to inspire, focus on global sustainability, human potentials and further both public and private legitimate interests.  Winning campaigns uphold high standards of truth, integrity, responsibility, transparency and fairness, respecting diversity and refraining from behavioral manipulation, greenwashing, instilling fear or misusing brain science.

The For-Profit winner is the French department store Carrefour, which encourages a “Black Supermarket” showcasing small farmers’ varieties of nutritious local vegetables overlooked in mainstream food supplies and regulations. 

The Non-Profit winner is “Nature Now” with Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot revealing how natural forests, eco-agriculture, coastal mangroves and wetlands can capture and reduce CO2 emissions causing climate change.  This independent spot, produced by Britain’s Gripping Films, was supported by Conservation International, Food and Land Use Coalition and distributed by The Guardian.

“Truth and trust are vital to all markets and societies,” says Hazel Henderson.  “Advertising influences media content—often mis-educating and misleading public opinion and choices.  The EthicMark® Awards call media to higher standards”.  Co-chair Rinaldo Brutoco, President, World Business Academy says “These Awards have raised the ethical bar for all ads on all media“.  Ravi Chaudhry, famed Indian author, chair of the global Judges Panel, says “these are the Nobels for advertising”.

Steve Schueth , a member  of the EthicMark® Awards Executive Committee and its Judges Panel, announced the winners at the 30th annual SRI Conference on Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing in Colorado Springs, CO, saying “The winners model the importance of ethics and a higher level of consciousness focused  on the common good“.  SRI Conference founder, George Gay emphasizes the positive impact of marketing to the sustainability mission of the investors and investment professionals the conference is designed to serve. 

Distinct from other advertising and marketing awards, EthicMark® award-winning organizations are recognized for game-changing creativity of their message, the value of the product or service and the quality of the organization’s culture. This holistic standard ensures the integrity of the Awards and the esteem accruable to winners’ reputations.

The EthicMark® Awards thank our sponsor Ethical Markets Media, Certified B Corporation, and its co-sponsors: the SRI Conference , the World Business Academy; ESPM, Brazil’s premier college for communication and marketing; GlobeScan; TBLI; Sustainable Brands; Tomorrow’s Company and Goodvertising.


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