Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How is the award different from other such awards?

This award focuses holistically on global ethics and public educational responsibility of the messaging and equally on the company or organization creating the communication, (whether advertising, public relations, marketing and all forms of global public education.  These criteria are specific, see Goals and Criteria.

What kinds of organization’s are eligible for nomination? 

Any organization or company (profit or non-profit) using communications media to message its goals and ethical positioning for helping create positive options for our common human future.

How does the nomination process work?

Most nominations for our past winners have come from all sectors of societies in many countries, most from outside North America and Europe.  This accounts for their wide-ranging, outside-the-box creativity, encompassing so many diverse cultural visions of public education for a more equitable, knowledge-richer, ecologically-sustainable global future.

Why have so many winners focused on advertising (rather than public relations and other forms of marketing communication)?

Advertising is a US $600 billion annual industry, — often focused on marketing unsustainable products and lifestyles.  Its sponsorship of many media in most countries influences content and news — often exercising a form of “commercial censorship” promoting powerful industries such as fossil fuels, junk foods and beverages, as well as harmful habits such as tobacco, drugs, alcohol, vaping and other addictions.  Thus, advertising can raise its sights as the world’s most powerful educational industry.  Our winners demonstrate higher ethical standards and all the possibilities for fulfilling more positive roles for our common human future.

Are the creativity and innovations in the advertising and communications industry also fully recognized?

Yes, our winners all demonstrate these higher levels of innovations and creativity.  They encourage all global communications activities to achieve these higher artistic and ethical standards.

How do I submit my nomination?

Complete the Nominate Form.