ETHICMARK® Winners: “All That We Share” and “Refugee Nation” Best Advertising Campaigns For 2017

Advertising campaigns promoting unity were honored by sustainable investors at the SRI Conference.

San Diego, CA (November 2, 2017)   TV2 from Denmark and an Amnesty International campaign representing the globe are the 2017 winners of the EthicMark® Awards for advertising and media campaigns that “uplift the human spirit and society.”

Founded in 2004 by sustainability pioneer and renowned futurist Hazel Henderson, the EthicMark® Awards identify advertising and marketing that demonstrate the power of media campaigns to inspire, focus on human potentials and further both public and private legitimate interests.  Winning campaigns uphold high standards of truth, integrity, responsibility, transparency and fairness, respecting diversity and refraining from greenwashing, instilling fear or misusing brain science.

The For-Profit winner is All that we share from TV2 in Denmark. Individuals stand in boxes with others similar to them.  Then, the ad asks questions, moving participants around, showing unlikely people sharing new boxes: class clown, likes dancing, has stepparents, with increasingly personal groupings, many inspiring.  As people step out of their self-defined boxes, the Us-Versus-Them meme is broken.  This provocative ad shows all that we have in common.

The winner in the Non-Profit is Refugee Nation, a global campaign from Amnesty International.  This marketing campaign inspires unity by bringing together refugees from around the world to participate in international games as members of their own nation.  They have a flag and an anthem.  Using the color orange representative of the life jackets so many of these athletes wore to escape poverty and tyranny, the campaign demonstrates that anyone from any country can choose to join together toward a common unified goal.

Unlike other advertising and marketing awards, EthicMark® award-winning companies are recognized for the creativity of their message, the value of the product or service and the quality of the company culture. This all-encompassing standard ensures the integrity of the Awards and the esteem accruable to winners’ reputations.

Henderson says ” Truth and trust are vital to all markets and societies. Advertising drives media content—often miss-educating and misleading public opinion and choices.  The EthicMark® Awards call markets to higher standards”.

Rinaldo Brutoco, Founding President of the World Business Academy, and Rosalinda Sanquiche, EthicMark® Managing Director, announced the winners at the 28th annual SRI Conference on Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing in San Diego, California, before investors and investment professionals, demonstrating the positive impact of marketing to their sustainability mission.  The annual EthicMark® Awards are sponsored by Ethical Markets Media, Certified B Corporation, and co-sponsored by the World Business Academy; ESPM, Brazil’s premier college for communication and marketing; GlobeScan; TBLI; Sustainable Brands; Tomorrow’s Company and Where Good Grows.


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