EthicMark® Global Awards: A Catalyst to Transform Global Advertising Industry

Co-Chairs of Co-Chairs of EthicMark® Awards Judges
Ravi Chaudhry and Hon. Claudine Schneider

Hazel Henderson, a visionary humanist with an exemplary passion to make the world a better place for every human being, everywhere, launched this yet another remarkable initiative in 2005 – an initiative to transform global advertising industry.

Hazel sensed the need to acknowledge and reward advertisement campaigns that uplift human spirit and inspire humanity towards worthy goals. Today, with most of the consumer world deeply entrenched and influenced by the aimless trivia on their smart phones – the need for promoting such campaigns is greater than ever before.

We live in a world where most of us tend to become immune to the injustices and inequalities that continuously stare us in the face, presuming that we are powerless and incapable of doing anything about it. Sadly, protests and representations to the governments in power have at best led to incremental measures – not transformational changes. In such a situation, the onus is on responsible corporations and enlightened civil society to steer the energy of the youth and the concerned citizens in the direction that ‘another world is possible’ – a world where corporations not merely seek a fortune at the bottom of the pyramid, but also create a fortune for the bottom of the pyramid.

We unequivocally believe that A company that makes only money is a poor company. It is in this contextual background that we call upon all responsible corporate and civil society leaders to join this noble cause and make it truly a global movement with enormous impact. We can do so in any or all of the following four ways:

  1. For the 2019 Awards, for which nominations are open till 31st July 2019, let us spread the word in our entire network and urge them to submit their nominations for campaigns that fulfill these criteria. It is our earnest endeavor that no deserving campaign misses the opportunity for this outstanding recognition.
  • Let us enlist the support of all advertising agencies and all Advertising and Marketing Associations and prevail upon them to start speaking about these awards to all their clients, and more importantly – start creating and recommending more such campaigns to them.
  • The marketing and public relations teams in all institutions and companies could be sensitized to the possibility that such themes create a far more positive image of the company, than any plain marketing or social message. A perusal of the award winners in recent years effectively demonstrates this point.
  • We expect that as the dissemination of this approach to advertising will start permeating in all advertising campaigns, the companies that join and lead this initiative in their respective industries will certainly become the industry leaders and pioneers.

We also invite Chambers of Commerce, Industry Associations, Management Schools, and other Institutions, all over the world, who share the EthicMark® goals, to do whatever they can to join and support this noble enterprise.


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